Latex Allergy Symptoms – Latex comes from the SAP of the rubber tree, Hevea Brasiliensis. These substances are then processed to improve elasticity, durability and strength. Many products made […]

  Cat Allergy Symptoms Cat allergy is an allergic reaction to the presence of one or more allergens (allergy triggers) produced by cats with symptoms appearing usually in the form of: continuous Cough the […]

Pollen Allergy Symptoms – When the flowers are blooming, the leaves and the grass blossomed, there’s a party individuals who suffered a reaction or allergic hypersensitive attacked them to interfere with productivity and quality of life. Its main cause is […]

  Peanut Allergy Symptoms – Allergy reactions can happen when our immune system reacts negatively to existing allergy in foods, insecticides, medicines, etc. Man found allergy to many kinds of […]

  The mosquito is an annoying little insect. Please note that only the female mosquitoes which suck the blood of humans needed to produce eggs. When sucking blood, female mosquitoes bite the skin while you salivate. The saliva is rich in protein that makes blood is not frozen so that mosquitoes can […]

Understanding Allergy Cold   Cold allergy is hyper sensitive reaction (sensitive to excessive) body against something cool that is in contact with the body, can be air, water, and others. The reaction of the body that can appears where the network varies, […]