Symptoms Of Gluten Allergy – Gluten is a protein found in barley and breads. Gluten allergy or intolerance sometimes have similar symptoms with celiac disease. The difference, gluten intolerance is described as an allergic reaction to gluten in […]

Egg Allergy Symptoms – Eggs are rich in protein is good for the growth of the child. Unfortunately, not all children can tolerate foods on this one. Egg allergy is generally occurs in children and […]

  Dog Allergy Symptoms – Public opinion stated that fur dog that trigger allergic reactions. That’s because most people consider some dog breeds can trigger allergies while other races are not. Dog breeds with short bristles is considered more secure than […]

Sulfite Allergy Sulfite is a common additive in many foods and medicines. Sulfite also occur naturally in some foods. Unfortunately, […]

Pollen Allergy Symptoms – When the flowers are blooming, the leaves and the grass blossomed, there’s a party individuals who suffered a reaction or allergic hypersensitive attacked them to interfere with productivity and quality of life. Its main cause is […]

  Peanut Allergy Symptoms – Allergy reactions can happen when our immune system reacts negatively to existing allergy in foods, insecticides, medicines, etc. Man found allergy to many kinds of […]

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