Local Honey For Allergies Very Effective

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Local Honey For Allergies
Local Honey For Allergies
Local Honey For Allergies – Who does not know honey? Also, you would already know that honey has many benefits for health or beauty. Sweet liquid that come from the pollen of flowers also claimed can cure allergies. How secure is the medical side of honey? Is it true that honey is a drug allergy? Before you buy honey. Check out the following reviews.

If Local Honey For Allergies is safe from the medical side?

Honey is composed of several such content, water, carbohydrates, vitamins such as vitamin B and C, minerals such as calcium, iron, and sodium. Indonesia many communities utilize honey as a remedy to relieve coughs, allergies, diarrhea, and asthma. Not only that, there are also some people who use it for a variety of problems, such as skin cope with acne, relieve itchy skin, and heal wounds. If consumed and touch to skin with the right dosage, most likely the honey safely.Children over the age of one year can also consume honey. But should avoid giving honey to infants or children under the age of one year in order to avoid the risk of botulism. Botulism toxin-induced toxicity is a condition produced by the bacteria and potentiallyApart from that, keep in mind that not all honey is safe. There is a type of honey that might not be safe if consumed, i.e. honey derived from the nectar of Rhododendrons. This type of honey is at risk of causing low blood pressure, chest pain, and heart problems on the type of honey because they contain toxins.


Local Honey For Allergies, is effective?

On some of the other benefits, honey proved to be efficacious. Nevertheless the results were obtained from only one study or research at an early stage only. Further research is needed to know the truth in terms of medical benefits of honey, including honey which is claimed to be able to resolve allergies. There has been no research to ensure that honey can cope with allergies. Even for those of you who have an allergy to pollen, it is highly recommended and better avoid consuming honey because the sweet liquid is made from pollen that can cause allergic reactions.


The University of Connecticut Health Center conducted a study to compare the benefits of pasteurized honey or have been sterilized, with raw honey or honey that has not been processed. As a result, people who are consuming honey that has not been processed to get rid of allergies. However, according to research conducted by the International Islamic University Malaysia, taking honey in high doses can thus improve allergy. Both of these studies strongly opposed and only use a relatively small samples or in small numbers.Large scale research is needed to further examine that honey can cope with allergies.



Honey is scientifically not proven may reduce allergies or cope with allergies. This means honey allergy remedies cannot be demonstrated medically. Even you are allergic pollen flower, it is not advisable to eat honey because it can aggravate your allergies. If in doubt, consult the doctor about the consumption of honey to treat certain conditions. It’s good to consult a doctor about Your allergy problems.


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