Almond Allergy Symptoms, Treatment, Cause

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Almond Allergy Symptoms
Almond Allergy Symptoms
Almond Allergy Symptoms – Almond is a type of legume foods often consumed in the form of snacks. Many people liked it, because it feels it is indeed quite scrumptious. However on some almond can cause an allergic reaction, and even allergies that affect them can be quite severe and could be fatal and life-threatening. Severe allergic reactions called anaphylaxis almond crusts. The symptoms that occur in General can take place quickly, within one hour, and even in a matter of minutes after a person ingests the nut. Prevention so as not happening almond allergies, we recommend that you avoid foods made with basic ingredients bean itself. However, if you have consume food with almonds and beans after it happened an allergic reaction in your body, efinefrin or a syringe of adrenaline usually will need to be provided in first aid so that it doesn’t happen it‘s serious and undesirable.

Cause Almond Allergies

Someone who allergy of almond, to first time consuming almond, the immune system of the body is still able to react and can give protection does not arise, and the symptoms of an allergic reaction. But when one of those touch with beans to two time, usually an allergic reaction will occur in full.

The cause of the occurrence of almond allergies in General is because consuming nuts nuts. This will happen even though nuts nuts consumed only in very small amounts. Some people are very sensitive to almond allergens are small amounts in their lips, or even stand next to someone eating the nuts, can be enough to start the reaction. There are many different allergens but the nuts caused some of the strongest and most severe reaction

Almond Allergy Symptoms

An allergic reaction to almond can vary from mild to very severe, and could even potentially death. As has been mentioned above, that the symptoms of almond allergies can progress quickly. Some were happening were happening tingling in the mouth and lips, swelling of the face, the pain, skin rash, itching or hives (urticaria), and shortness of breath.


For signs and symptoms of more severe allergic reactions, in addition to feel some of the symptoms that have been mentioned above, the sufferer will also experience disease wheezing or difficulty breathing, heart rate faster, redness of the skin, and low.


Severe reaction is called anaphylaxis and without quick treatment will make someone unconscious. A small number of people die each year as a result of the type of severe reactions, usually because they are not getting the treatment that is fast enough. If you or a suspected anaphylactic reaction undergoes a family you should call an ambulance immediately and get medical help immediately.


 Treatment On Almond allergies

Preventing allergic reactions to occur for the first time is an important part of living with peanut allergies. It is very advisable that someone who is experiencing a peanut allergies know us and avoid the kind of food that contains nuts. Featuring someone may be referred to a nutritionist to help do know abstinence of food that should be avoid.


In the light reactions, allergic to nuts would normally be granted a remedy in the form of antihistamine tablets as soon as possible. Antihistamines block the action of histamine, a chemical released into the body during an allergic reaction. Their need time 15-30 minutes to get to work. Reaction to tergolognparah, when almond allergies occur, someone may need to be immediately injected adrenaline (epinefrin), after that mungkiin sufferers must be referred to the hospital to get further treatment.

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