Allergy Medicine While Pregnant

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Allergy medicine while pregnant
Allergy medicine while pregnant
Allergy medicine while pregnant – allergy medication for pregnant women, newborn babies-not just prone to allergy,exposed pregnant women could be exposed to allergy. A number of expert physicians allergy allergy stated that the mother who normally decrease on the baby. Priorallergic pregnant women descended on the baby, it would be better to recognize the allergy itself and its treatment.

Allergies During Pregnancy

Dust, pollen, and pollution is most factors that can cause allergies.
For a woman who is pregnant, will happen a lot of changes on him either physical or mental, the body becomes more sensitive and any body pain sometimes suddenly attackedAllergies can occur in anyone, especially for women who are pregnant. One of the most common forms of allergies occur when a pregnancy is nasal congestion, due to an increase in hormones and blood volume. However, when stricken with allergies, you should not treat it with drugs such as often you consume. It can only give a bad impact for your baby. Any symptoms arise ranging from mild to severe enough. Even sometimes the itching that accompanied the rash and Red scarsAs for the cause of them, namely: dry skin, stretch the skin of the abdomen and symptoms PUPP (Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy). PUPP usually occurs due to the increasing of the hormone HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadatrophin) and hormone esterogenUsually, hives appear in the third trimester. Gatalnya feels light to heavy, starts from the stomach, and then propagate to the thighs, legs, arms, breasts, and buttocks accompanied the onset of rash, plaques, sense numbing, redness, swelling and spots containing liquids such as the former was bitten by insects.
So, during pregnancy, choose natural treatment that is safe and has no side effects for you nor for your prospective heart fruit.

Some allergy symptoms During pregnancy, including:

 Distruption the respiratory system such as the incidence of cough, runny nose, nasal congestion, ear pain, until hoarse voice
Disruption of the digestive system that can cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, difficult to dispose of large, bloated, and often waste gas
Disruption of healthy skin with skin symptoms itch, red speckled skin, thickened skin, until the lips become swollen
Disruption of the function of the mara that looks directly like red eyes, itchy eyes, watery eyes, blackish color under the eyes to red.
 Several factors that trigger allergies in pregnant women in addition to the increased hormone progesterone is food, drugs, fatigue, stress, dust, to the weather.

Allergy medicine while pregnant

Itch Medicine 
A reaction that appears in the form of itching in the skin should not carded because it could just experienced secondary infections. Injured former scratching easily accessed germs won the watery or even fester. To resolve it, the doctor will usually prescribe medications that are safe, such as cream or lotion itch medicine.
Allergy Medicine
When an allergic reaction that appears noticeably disturbing, doctors can give a allergy medicine are safe for pregnant women. That way, the side effects that may occur in the mother or the fetus can be avoided. Especially during the first times pregnancy, the drug consumption of allergy medicine should be more selective. Instead, consult a doctor to make sure the drug used is safe or not. Some drug a forbidden allergy medicine to pregnancy, for example, a medicine that is a combination with aspirin.

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